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50408 Aguarón ( Zaragoza – España )

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Correo electrónico: info@jordandeasso.com

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Santiago Guelbenzu,

Our philosophy lies in rescuing the vitivinicultural practices of our ancestors to offer unique wines that benefit not only the palate, but also the health of consumers and the planet.

Wine is a living
being that is constantly evolving and Jordán de Asso is not far behind.

Wine is a living being that is constantly evolving and Jordán de Asso is not far behind, taking several steps to adapt to the current situation on the planet.
We have obtained the ecological certifications, both for all the vineyards and for the winery, after several years subjected to rigorous audits.
Our vineyards produce low-production organic grapes, harvested by hand, without any type of artificial fertilizer, or synthetic phytosanitary products or any herbicide treatment that may have harmful effects on health.
Thanks to the use of native yeasts, we obtain wines of greater complexity and typicity. In addition, we achieve that the fermentations are complete and without the need to add sulphites that cause headaches in many drinkers.
Our terroir is very suitable for organic production due to the local climate (low humidity, high wind). It is also ideal for making wines without sulphites, since the grapes obtained have many polyphenols.
We achieve sulphite-free wines that are very resistant and stable thanks also to the use of ancestral production techniques that eliminate harmful yeasts, obtaining balanced and smooth wines.