Jordán de Asso is a one-hundred-year-old winery that has been retrieved and revived by its current owners, the Guelbenzu-Solsona family. This name has also been given to the wines produced there, responding to a firm commitment to quality and creativity. Family-owned vines, autochthonous varieties blended with other carefully chosen varieties planted deliberately in order to obtain interesting rounded "coupages", facilities that house latest-generation technology, strict environmental controls and the overriding principle of giving excellence priority over quantity define "Jordán de Asso" and its new wines. Our small-scale production is traditional and promises to reward to those who can afford to be choosy.

Production at the Jordán de Asso winery takes place over twenty-five hectares in the upper region of Campo de Cariñena, where the quartzite and slate soil found at this altitude of seven hundred metres provides an exceptional environment for the vines to grow. Over recent years the vines have been carefully and patiently tended using low-production, ecological treatment and monitored personally by Jaime Guelbenzu, a veterinary surgeon with a masters in viti-viniculture. Another key figure in the preparation of the wines is the young oenologist Javier Guelbenzu, trained in Toulouse and Reims. The concept of a family-owned winery and top quality wines thus comes full circle: exclusiveness, a very close personal relationship with earth and grapes and highly-refined techniques, combined with an absolute passion for work well done.

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